A kind of magic


How dare you!

I'm not a big "talk to people on the interbutt" kind of guy, even though I do like the idea of this little nook in the middle of nowhere.

Read localroger's stories before now, been here since /. started blabbing about you all and I did like the one about the master computer or whatever the fuck absorbing the human race. It was cute but too clean, in terms of style. Still, I enjoyed it...

So read this story, went wtf, looked at the comments, scrolled down to the bottom to find it was basically a troll post about localroger's story earlier. Read localroger's story in that not-frontpage section, whatever you all call it here.

Signed up for an account for the first time since I been here, paid the 5 bucks or whatever the fuck, just to say this:

localroger, you're a self-serving pompous douchebag. you really have no shame, no shame at all to broadcast to the world that you weaseled your way out of Yet Another Thing In Your Life That Did Not Directly Benefit You

I hope you get run over by a truck weighing in on one of your scales or whatever the fuck.

other than that, nice meeting ya'll :) and take care

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