A kind of magic


Interesting idea

but not all that surprising. Some of the crap out there is simply unbelievable. Some examples:

My daughter wanted to read the Book. The standard translations are a little over her head (we tried it; many of the words are just beyond her vocabulary), so we went to a Christian bookstore for a more kid-friendly version. This is when i first encountered the Bibleman action figures.

I was just glad theylooked equally disgusted. My son saw the shelf of action figures. He stared for a moment, trying to comprehend.

Finally, he points, "Dad....what is that?

I tried to keep my voice neutral. "It's an action figure. Like your Clone Wars troops or your knights and castle. See? He has a sword, and armor. He can fight the bad guys....like...uh...I guess this guy."

He listens, examines the toys....puts it back. "Is this ... um....like, for the that can't afford good toys?" I tried not to laugh. I did anyway.

Another was this series they did at our church recently, for Sunday school. They had some kind of superhero cartoon characters, each supposed to extol some virtue. Full size action pose posters around the room of each character. They gave out small comic books each week, telling some story about the good guys fighting the bad guys with good deeds or something. My always just left them in the room, so I never got a chance to look at them, and I sure didn't want to appear interested.

At the end of the series, they told the they could take a poster home, and they drew names out of a hat. My daughter told me later, "They pulled my name out first, so I got first pick." She gestured towards her brother, "He didn't want it, either."

There is a reason for everything. Sometimes, that reason just sucks.

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