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The Next Stage for Private Browsing

Just as ad blocking moved toward finer-grained control over blocked content and passive modes of blocking and updating, so too must private browsing implementations make the same progression.

What will this look like? Well... an awful lot like AdB Plus actually.

It would use an automatically updated list of adult websites (or possibly using the Google SafeSearch API), checking the sites you visit against the list. (This functionality is essentially the same as the Firefox/Google malware protection feature.) If the extension found a positive match, the website's URL and other metadata would not be written into Places/History, downloads would not be written into the download manager, elements of the website would not be cached, passwords entered would not be saved, and meanwhile cookies and sessions would be sandboxed and then erased. Further, bookmarked adult sites would not show up in the AwesomeBar.

Such an extension would solve the problem of indiscriminate data destruction: by having an accurate list in advance, only known adult sites would be prevented from being stored in your browser's history. All of your other browsing would function normally. There would be no need to actively intervene to switch modes on or off. You would never forget to switch modes, leading to embarrassment or the need to wipe all your private data. As such, the problem of creating a passive system would also be solved effectively.

This type of private browsing is the future of the concept, at least as applied to this content viewing. It will not help you if your aim is, of course, merely to shop for surprise gifts for your loved ones, unless those gifts are butt plugs and edible underwear.

Various options might include: blocking only results form appearing in the AwesomeBar, full blocking of adult websites from appearing in history and other private data, and probably a whitelist in case of false positives.

Now all that remains is finding a technically savvy forum in which to propose this, such that people who can actually write code will whip up an alpha.

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