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The White Dragon Society proposes using humanity’s savings to end war, end poverty and stop environmental destruction. After that, humanity can be set on a path of exponential expansion into the universe. Our savings and our future planning can be devoted to such attainable goals as increased longevity, improved human abilities, free energy, the creation of new eco-systems, the expansion of life in all its forms and anything else scientifically possible and morally permissible that we can dream of.

The White Dragon Foundation has been set up in order to attain these goals. It will carry them out by means of a meritocratically staffed international economic planning agency.

There are indications coming from all over that the Old World Order is waging an all out offensive on all fronts in order to maintain its grip on global power.

The world now faces a clear choice between the genocidal, racist religious fanatics who want to murder 5 billion people and a group that wants to end poverty, end war, stop environmental destruction and start a Golden Age.

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Benjamin Fulford

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Shift Frequency
  • Jon Rappoport ~ Hillary Clinton Backs GMOs To The Hilt July 29, 2014
    “. . . her speech in San Diego sent that clear signal to the biotech community: Elect me and we’ll work it out. I’ll control the cash. You’ll issue the fake results. We’ll hit new highs. She would uphold the tradition of Presidency as the seat of unconscionable deception.” J Rappoport The Times of San […]
  • Paul Craig Roberts ~ UPDATE – The Latest US Government Hoax July 29, 2014
    “Lavrov said that Russia hopes that “only honest, open participation of all who possess information on the catastrophe” is considered to be the appropriate way to proceed and that “no one will try to cover tracks.”” P C Roberts The Russian Ministry of Defense has declared the purported satellite photos placed on Twitter by the […]
  • Aliaksandr Kudrytski & Daryna Krasnolutska ~ Yatsenyuk Resigns as Ukraine’s Premier After Coalition Dissolves July 24, 2014
    Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk resigned after two parties quit the ruling coalition and President Petro Poroshenko signaled his support for early elections. Yatsenyuk told the parliament in Kiev today that he’s stepping down after losing his allies’ backing and failing to pass legislation. Former world boxing champion Vitali Klitschko’s UDAR and […]

Morning Liberty

  • Top 10 4th Reich Thugs – Fulford says Arrests of NWo Gang Coming December 5, 2013
    Pope Francis and Vladimir Putin have been meeting to help bring peace to the Middle East. Fulford says that if Kim Jon-Un is willing to be a Symbolic Emperor of Korea then maybe Northern and Southern Korea could be united. Fulford suspects that Goldman Sachs officials have been buying majority stakes in many major Japanese Corporations. French and British br […]
  • Top 3 NWo Cabal Promises – Fulford says, NWo Cabal Handing Over $700 Trillion November 20, 2013
    Ben Fulford claims that the NWo Cabal is in Surrender Negotiations. These 15 people, who claim to be in charge of printing and distributing US Dollars and who claim to be in charge of most other Central Banks, are trying to arrange a peaceful settlement with the NWo Cabal. After significant meetings last week, TPTB have agreed to initially make available $70 […]
  • GCR Negotiations in Reno – NWo Gang Begging for More Power November 15, 2013
    A few NWo families are negotiating with The White Dragon Society and it's allies to initiate the Global Currency ReSet. Ben Fulford says that these NWo families control France, Israel, Japan and Saudi Arabia and these nations are now blocking the efforts to release vast sums of money for launching a new Golden Age for Humanity. Reportedly China, Russia […]
  • Top 10 NWo Losses – 2013 Halloween to Remember October 31, 2013
    Many Big Moves are coming against the NWo cabal this week. Ben Fulford says that Halloween 2013 will haunt the NWo gang for some time to come. It appears that the new Vatican Regime will no longer shelter war criminals from justice. The House of Saudi may soon stop putting their petro-dollars into NWo cabal controlled banks in the US. The nation of Turkey ha […]
  • DC for Sale – Fulford says JP Morgan Selling it all to China October 29, 2013
    The Dragon Family have just released funds to 180 countries. Ben Fulford states that we will soon see the signs of these funds as the Russian Government announces Free Health Care for all their citizens. In the west there are real signs of a general surrender to China by the NWo cabal controlled governments. The David Rockefeller controlled JP Morgan Chase B […]
  • Top 2 NWo Thugs – Hijacking of America Must Stop October 18, 2013
    Since World War 2 the criminally insane government that runs America has killed more than 50 million people. Ben Fulford says Mitt Romney, George Bush Sr and other NWo mob thugs are benefiting from all of this death and destruction. These NWo thugs consider themselves to be above the G20, the IMF and the World Bank. During the 1990's the only countries […]
  • Economic Collapse Oct 17 – Fulford Names NWo Criminal Assets October 12, 2013
    On Sept 30th the criminal, corporate government of the UNITED STATES missed an international payment and TPTB were given until October 17th or else. Ben Fulford says that John Kerry and Chuck Hagel have been shaking the money trees in Korea and Japan in order to try and save the DC Crime Syndicate. A serious manhunt is underway for Now thugs who are leading […]
  • Top 30,000 NWo Thugs – Pentagon Patriots Rufuse New Middle East War September 13, 2013
    These 2 videos support much of Ben Fulford's new report. A Dragon Family Delegation arrived in China this week to deal with their $134.5 Billion in gold backed bonds. Ben Fulford claims that UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon has tried to bribe the Dragon family not to redeem their bonds. The Chinese military and a few Pentagon officials support the Dragon Family […]
  • NWo Syria Desperation – Staging Gas Attacks to Instigate WW3 August 31, 2013
    The latest attempt to initiate World War 3 in Syria is a sign of NWo desperation. Ben Fulford says that the list of nations that have agreed to attack Syria, based on the staged poisonous gas attack in Syria, are the same countries who are under the NWo Cabal control. The NWo Cabal controls only 8 of the recognized 195 nations on earth. The NWo gang instigat […]
  • NWo Pivot – Ben Fulford Announces NWo Surrender July 13, 2013
    Putin has moved with force into the Middle East. Ben Fulford claims that European energy supplies are up for grabs, as the US is drawing down it's military forces in Europe and pivoting into Asia. Could the surrender of the NWo gang be inevitable? The Committee of 300, the BIS and the Federal Reserve have indicated that they may be willing to end povert […]

Former Whitehat

  • Drake Accuses Me of Being CIA Illuminati! August 14, 2012
    Well that was a funny one. Oh yeah, I am part of some nefarious “group” of Illuminati  bad guys funded by the CIA. Drake knows I am former ONI. Why? I have said so here, I even told him so. He should know that The Company would never “hire” an ex-member of The Water Company. […]
  • Times of High Strangeness: Transmission Before Time Jump July 13, 2012
    There is so much going on right now: the military has been placed on Level 3 alert about coastal evacuations on both west and east and south, due to probably affects Nibiru will have in the next 4-6 weeks…the HMO (Heavy Mass Object) is in a band of the light sprectrum human eyes cannot detect, […]
  • Hitler Reacts to Drake and the Non-event of July 4 July 8, 2012
    This is funny.
  • David Wilcock Opines on Lady Drake’s Green Light June 30, 2012
    Wilcock seems to be backing off from his support of Drake, says his sources and intel do not jibe, and if nothing happens, Drake should issue an apology and not keeping the farce up…but that is unlikely, the Drake Clone is programmed to keep saying, “Soon, soon, next week.”  Also, at the end, Drake saying […]
  • Today’s Fulford Clone/Rothschild Controlled Message June 25, 2012
    After several years of giving deadlines for things to happen, and nothing ever happening, the 17th Clone of Benjamin Fulford writes on his blog today: There are no deadlines being given because you cannot give a deadline to a dying monster, you just have to wait for nature to take its course. He further writes: […]
  • Drake Kent Bailey: DragOn or DragQueen? June 23, 2012
    This photo surfaced from Charleston, South Carolina, where our very own pre-clone Drake Bailey (the “White DragO”), spokesperson for the mass arrests, nemesis of the evil cabal, wielder of the Rainbow Sword, Merlin Incarnate, once lived and expressed himself as a cross-dresser, well-known among many drag queen cabarets and bars in the city, with a […]
  • Today’s Disinfo from the 17th Clone of Benjamin Fulford June 18, 2012
    Since the Rothchilds have a Fulford Clone posting again, I will include the text in full for those who do not have access (read: pay money) (and no I do not subscribe, I hack the blog, easy to do, just like I hack the emails of some of you)… As the old cliché goes, sometimes […]
  • More Lies of the Fulford and Drake Clones June 12, 2012
    In this latest post, the clone of Benjamin Fulford states that meetings between the White Dragons and the Committee of 300 will take place June 15-20 so the two can work together: There will be a series of both secret and public high-level meetings from June 15 to June 20th aimed at ending the financial […]
  • Benjamin Fulford Missing Again, Cloned Again! June 10, 2012
    This video is the last time anyone had seen the original Benjamin Fulford. He disappeared and was replaced by a clone, again…they just won’t stop cloning him. Clones have been spotted in several countries. One clone, in France, was eaten by a Diamond Spider. Choidon  Daikaku of the Whit Dragons confirms that the current Fulford […]
  • Anything Sound Familiar from this Clone? May 26, 2012


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